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Billie Piper Nipple Slip Moments

Friday, November 28th, 2008

There are those who are fans of Billie Piper because of her music and those who are fans because of her acting.  As for us, we like both, as long as she’s looking real sexy doing it, of course!  Because of these pics, we’re swinging towards the side of her music career, which spanned one or two years at the turn of the century, with “Honey To The B” coming out in 1999, and the follow-up “Walk of Life” released in 2000.  Those two albums divide her fans even more, with some preferring the more hip-hop and teenage-targeted sound of her first record, while others prefer the more mature pop sound of the second.  Again, we don’t care which songs she sings (she lipsynchs on stage anyway), as long as she gives it her all when dancing so that we get even more views of her nipples as they slip out of whatever sexy top she’s wearing.  These three  pics covering two performances makes us wish that she’d go on another concert tour.  For sure we’ll be there in the front row with our own cameras, so we can have our own personal documentation of Billie Piper’s perky boobies.  Using a 12 megapixel camera sounds great for this, so we can blow it up real good and see that nipple real close.  Or we could just check out this site instead, which has lots of views of Billie Piper’s breasts, and more!