Billie Piper goes wild in breakup sex

August 9th, 2016 by J

Feisty chick Billie Piper could easily be one of the most dangerous tease you could ever meet, much more if she becomes your EX girlfriend. Because she would then give you more reasons why you have to think of her while fucking your new gal. She’s with an EX flame in this leaked sex tape and it felt like the old days, she says, when they just eat and fuck each other up all day everyday. She seemed determined to make this dude regret leaving her by giving him the wildest breakup sex ever.

Sleazy Billie Piper getting fucked rough by her EX boyfriend

Horny Billie sucks dick from a glory hole

April 4th, 2016 by J

A successful English singer, actress, and dancer like Billie Piper is almost always the talk of the town. But it is not always on the positive side as there was a time when in her career where there has been a case of a woman stalking and giving threats to Billie and her entire family. This was brought to court and settled eventually when the said woman was charged and put into psychiatric treatment. This only goes to show that at any point in one’s life, if you are going to be famous on anything or even everything that you put your heart and soul into, there will always be these crazies, gonna pop from nowhere to try and rain on your parade.

Hot ass Billie Piper sucking on a huge cock from a glory hole while masturbating

But Billie has proven to be as tough as her name and rose to the occasion that is renewing her identity amidst some of her failed attempts of career development. And to make sure that she won’t be needing to lose her mind over frustrations and go get herself a shrink to take away all her tension, she resorted into a much fun and reliable way of easing stress, which will benefit herself and whoever she chooses to invite over for a slightly spiritual release. Billie fancies one of the pubs where she hangs out often and when she almost hit rock bottom, she managed to give herself a treat by taking a random huge cock inside her mouth from a glory hole while rubbing her wet pussy. This was like a drug to her, she was hooked and addicted. Plus, blowing on a stranger’s thick throbbing cock takes her mind off and away to a different planet of a sort and she can’t help but get lost in the moment.

Billie Piper Exposes Her Perky Boobs

September 14th, 2010 by billie

sexy billie piper breasts

Billie Piper exposes her awesome breasts yet again in another topless pictorial. She looks extremely sexy and yummy in these topless pictures. This British bombshell definitely exudes sex appeal so much in this set. To see more of Billie’s delectable tits, check these nude photos of Billie Piper.
sexy billie piper boobs
With her piercing eyes and seductive looks, Bille can bedazzle any man on the planet. In the couple of pics shown in this post, it’s enough to prove that Billie Piper is one of the hottest women in the world today. If you need more proof, then check out this whole gallery of Billie Piper naked images.
sexy billie piper knockers

Billie Piper Masturbating For The Cameras

April 22nd, 2010 by billie

We’ve seen Billie Piper do naughty things before, like her softcore nude pics and even her bondage fetish, so it shouldn’t surprise us when she does something as simple as masturbate…  In front of some cameras.  Yes, we’ve got pics of Billie Piper here that show this delicious blonde babe completely naked and touching her sweet little poontang.  Okay, one of those dirty pics we have has Billie Piper pulling aside her red underwear so she can get to her twat, but it still amounts to the same thing.  Billie Piper is a horny little slut who’s got an exhibitionist streak in her!

I mean how can you doubt that when you’ve seen the second pic here, which has Billie looking directly at the camera while pinching her nipple and rubbing her clit ever so slowly?  Next thing you know she’ll be doing full porno and fucking and sucking some guy’s cock for the cameras.  Now why would Billie do this is what I’m wondering.  Maybe there’s something wrong with her marriage, or most likely maybe its her hubby behind the lens of these photographs!  Kinky foreplay in public huh?  Well whatever makes Billie happy!  And you can check out even more of her hardcore masturbation pics over on on this site!

Billie Piper’s Kinky Bondage Fetish

November 28th, 2008 by billie

I’m sure a sexy gal like Billie Piper’s had her share of raunchy sex with lots of guys, from one night stands to men she’s been married to, like radio and TV presenter Chris Evans and her current hubby, actor Laurence Fox.  I mean, she’s a really sexy hottie, which means that she can have any guy she wants at any time.  Not to say that too much sex is boring, but I’d imagine that Billie Piper would like some variety in her lovemaking now and then.  A little fetish ought to be the right thing to get her blood pumping that much harder, and judging from these pictures, it seems that she’s gone and done just that.

And it looks like Billie’s fetish is to have some kinky light bondage sessions now and then.  No need for the electric cattle prods and jagged nipple clamps for this babe.  A little bit of rope and a lot of discipline is what she needs to satisfy herself carnally.  She must have been taking orders from her master when these pictures were taken, because why else would she have allowed these shots?  Her titties are completely exposed as she’s tied up in various positions, and she’s even completely naked in one session where she’s lying in the water in a bathtub, with her mouth taped shut and her hands tied behind her, thrusting those delicious breasts forward

There’s lots more kinky Billie Piper sessions like these, when you go to that site the link leads to.  Come on, you know you want to see more, so go ahead, I’ll pretend I didn’t see you go in…

Check Out These Nude Billie Piper Photos

November 28th, 2008 by billie

Finally, Billy’s given all her male fans what they’ve been clamoring for ever since she first hit it big.  Well, maybe a few years after that for all but the most perverted, seeing as she skyrocketed to the top as a pop star at the age of fifteen.  Her debut single in 1998 went straight to No. 1 on the UK singles charts, as you may know, and she hasn’t looked back since.  Okay, so maybe her last single from her second album only made it up to No. 25, but she’s doing even better as an actress nowadays anyway.

How many guys here are Doctor Who fans?  Well, I’m sure you consider the 2005 season the best of the lot, seeing as that’s when she was cast as the Doctor’s companion, and really upped the heat, in my opinion.  That’s just what she’s doing in these photos by just laying there and showing off her tight, sexy body.  Those pics really sizzle, and make me want to see more.  By that I mean more pictures, more of her, and more of her body.  Now that’s the right way to take her career to the next level, not that it needs a boost; she’s doing fine right now.

But if she ever wanted to shift gears, she could definitely do even more raunchy stuff.  Her “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” series is a great example of what I’m talking about, but she can do even more erotic stuff for sure.  With less clothes.  Damn, Billie Piper nude is definitely on my wish list, for any occasion!  Click on that link back there and you’ll see some examples of what I mean, but we can always use a lot more of those naughty pics and videos, don’t we?

Billie Piper Caught Flashing her Tits In A Hotel Corridor

November 28th, 2008 by billie

What I wouldn’t give to have been a guest at this hotel when Billie Piper was staying over.  Looks like she’s a real wild child who likes to have some fun, or at least she was when she wasn’t married and pregnant yet.  Imagine stepping out of your hotel room and watching this hot, sexy pixie walk by, with her perky titties leading the way.  You’d probably step right back into your room and have a fast n’ furious wank, wouldn’t you?  Well, I’d go right up to her and invite her in, I would.  Really!  Okay, so maybe I’d just follow her around the corridor to get more glimpses of her boobies before I go back in to pleasure myself with the memory of this sizzling hot encounter imprinted right on my brain.  I wouldn’t even have to use my hands to push open the door — I’d just walk right in after twisting the door knob, if you know what I mean!  She sure looks like she’s enjoying herself while flashing her boobs at every lucky guest on that floor.  You can bet she probably had a good time in the privacy of her room that night too.  She’s a hottie every red-blooded guy could fancy, and she can have her pick of the lot anytime, I’m sure.

Of course, you know what I mean, this picture’s given you an erection already.  Well, there’s lots more where that photo came from, and you can see all of them by clicking on this link.

Billie Piper Nipple Slip Moments

November 28th, 2008 by billie

There are those who are fans of Billie Piper because of her music and those who are fans because of her acting.  As for us, we like both, as long as she’s looking real sexy doing it, of course!  Because of these pics, we’re swinging towards the side of her music career, which spanned one or two years at the turn of the century, with “Honey To The B” coming out in 1999, and the follow-up “Walk of Life” released in 2000.  Those two albums divide her fans even more, with some preferring the more hip-hop and teenage-targeted sound of her first record, while others prefer the more mature pop sound of the second.  Again, we don’t care which songs she sings (she lipsynchs on stage anyway), as long as she gives it her all when dancing so that we get even more views of her nipples as they slip out of whatever sexy top she’s wearing.  These three  pics covering two performances makes us wish that she’d go on another concert tour.  For sure we’ll be there in the front row with our own cameras, so we can have our own personal documentation of Billie Piper’s perky boobies.  Using a 12 megapixel camera sounds great for this, so we can blow it up real good and see that nipple real close.  Or we could just check out this site instead, which has lots of views of Billie Piper’s breasts, and more!